The analyzes of the olive oil and edible oils are closely control and manage directly in JCCoimbra compound, using sensitive laboratory equipment and methodologies developed for that purpose. Added to this technological component, there are decades of experience and expertise in the sector.


The set of procedures and measures applied in measuring the quality of the olive oil and edible oils follows a strict control, where all components are scrutinized. Measurements are constant and, as we are present throughout the entire production process, ensuring the conditions for high quality standards. The primary aim is providing information for decision making and ensures quality at all stages of the production process.


The analysis procedures are carried out in our laboratory specialist. However, there are measured throughout the chain. This constant monitoring ensures the maintenance of good practice, always with the utmost respect for the traditions of the olive oil sector. We also compare our result with independent laboratories in Portugal and abroad, making the double checking a measure of our commitment to quality and excellence.


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