Corporate Mission

The JCCoimbra Group has a commitment to their business partners, employees and customers. Manufacture employing advanced technologies and environmentally sustainable, promote our products and services in order to satisfy the customer expectations market demands. These are the vital facts in the exploration of the Group's core business. Face with an enormous sense of responsibility, we keep on working hard to create value for shareholders, generating employment, fair remuneration for the provision of direct labor and indirect suppliers and contributing to socio-economic progress and cultural development of communities where we operate.


Transforming the best that nature offers us, on the other hand, is part of our genetic code. We operate on the entire process of the olive oil, always with the quality of one of the most secret elements of ancient and world-renowned Mediterranean diet. This is what drives us. We deeply believe in the beneficial properties and generous health and welfare that olive oil can provide to well being.


Fashioned for that purpose, besides oil, edible oils, in a variety of seeds, taken with the most advanced productive factors, technologically advanced. We always seek to maintain the purity and spirit of the natural raw material. Get the recognition of all the Portuguese as a producer of olive oil and vegetable oils, suitable for any table at any time, for easy consumption and quality is our goal. We want to cause moments of pure gastronomic pleasure, amplify the taste and contribute to health, creating a synergy that combines the pleasure of eating well to well-being.


Our mission is...


Waking you to moments of pure gastronomic delight!


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