The JCCoimbra Group, conscious of its role as a member of civil society in their area of ​​operation, supports initiatives sporting and cultural venue.


The JCCoimbra Group supports the youth football team of the Sports Club Estarreja, besides the numerous initiatives of the organization of Carnival in the town of Estarreja, where Carnival is one of the largest and most compelling events of the year.



According to the Sports Club Estarreja (CDE), it was founded on November 27, 1944, and its partner n. 1 and founder, the late Alexander Miranda, a prominent figure, who occupied prominent places in Portuguese Football Federation. The Headquarters is located at Rua Dr. Tavares da Silva, Estarreja, being part of the Sports Complex.


This is where you are based throughout the organizational structure of the Club, with the various departments and sections as well as a bar, open to the entire community, which serves to support the Sports Park.The Club also has a grassy field with all the infrastructure (benches, showers, etc..) And a field support in synthetic surface also equipped with showers and countertops.


The Club currently has about 1,500 members and as such is undoubtedly the Socio Cultural Collective with the largest representation in the County. Also, has about three hundred federated athletes, many in pre competition, distributed to various departments and sections.


Clube Desportivo de Estarreja


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