Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is regarded by the JCCoimbra Group with a fierce sense of duty. It is a commitment which the Group assumes with civil society, seeking to collaborate with the entities and institutional forces that act to mitigate the impacts of social inequalities and asymmetries.


The JCCoimbra Group seek to contribute, on an ongoing basis and engaged in the fight against social deprivation, opting to act in an area of ​​particular importance, as the Food and children. The Group JCCoimbra makes regular donations to various institutions Private Social Solidarity (IPSS).


Some of the IPSS and they continually receive on a regular basis, the JCCoimbra Group donations in Olive Oil and Edible Oils, among other contributions:


Ajuda Constante – Vila Nova de Gaia

Reto à Esperança

Ser de Criança – Vila Nova de Gaia

Apoio Criança e Idoso – Vila Nova de Gaia

Remar – Aveiro

Dianova – Cesar

Nova Missão – Maia

Cerciesta – Estarreja

Cruz Vermelha – Aveiro e Ovar

Ajuda e Colo – Santa Maria da Feira




ACREDITAR (in english “believes”) was founded in 1993 as an initiative of a group of parents of children with cancer who, through their experience, found that the Pediatric Oncology Service of the Hospital could not guarantee every kind of support that they need. Indeed, beyond the necessary clinical support, there is much to do for these children. This much is reflected in the motto that they adopted from the beginning to frame the mission of ACREDITAR:


"Treat the child with cancer, not just the cancer in the children."


In the International Year of the Child, on the initiative of a group of primary teachers Estarreja, the idea being to set up a Cooperative Education and Rehabilitation of Handicapped Children - CERCI - thus transferring to the practice, concern for the children of the County and hence the wish that they had actually something concrete that they could enjoy and would be helpful.


The Vision of Cerciesta undergoes assumed as a reference entity in the context of social inclusion, diversifying and describing the services provided. Its mission is to provide technical, educational and socio-familiar to people with disabilities contributing to their quality of life and promoting the full exercise of citizenship, through an integrated set of actions and personalized services.



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